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27 June 2020 @ 11:51 am
Welcome to sareru's and carry18's TomaPi Fanfiction Journal!

We gathered together on 06th of October 2009 and began writing our first story 'Uncrowned King'.
This journal was created on the 25th of November 2009 in order to post our fics together as one unit and so 'blackforestcherrycake' was founded!

Since then we are posting our collaboration fanfics as well as our one shot's here.

We hope you enjoy the stories and leave a lot of comments :3

Thank you for reading <3

Spread the TomaPi & KazaGawa Love~

Fanfic Index:

Uncrowned  King (UK) finished

Behind Walls of Glass (BWOG) finished

Ikitai, kimi to tomo ni (Ikitomo) finished

Hadashi no Mirai he (currently on hiatus)

Unubore Love stopped

Uncrowned King 2 ongoing

One Shot Masterpost
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01 June 2014 @ 07:34 pm
Title: Uncrowned King 2
Pairing: TomaPi
Genre: Romance, Angst, AU
Rating: PG
carry18 & sareru
Disclaimer: We wish we would own those two gorgeous men, but unfortunately we don't. Just the story is ours.
Notes: Carry here: I'm sorry for the terrible delay. RL is keeping me insanely busy, it almost seems like I have a proper life. Fancy that. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter, although it might be rather short.
Also we agreed that we won't change the pov anymore, so anyone of us might write anyone, this way it's easier to keep up the narrative.

Chapter 2 – Into the woodsCollapse )
02 April 2014 @ 06:41 pm
Title:Romeo & Juliet
Pairing: TomaPi
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I wish to own them and watch Romeo and Juliet with me XD
A/N: Written due to an idea by yuzuky and me on the train XD Referring to the picture of Toma's dvd collection back at the majo times. He really HAS the dvd of romeo and juliet~ <3 Cute romantic boy he? xD

It was one of the days on which both were free, so Toma and Yamapi decided to spent it together. Pi had come around to Toma's house, after dinner (cooked by Toma's mother who was totally pleased by Pi's presence), they decided to go upstairs to Toma's room.

„Wow, I haven't been here for a long time, have I?“, he asked as he looked around in the room. There were several new photos on the walls. And also Toma's CD and DVD rack had become fuller.
„Yeah, last time was about a year ago, I guess. You don't come around much..“, answered Toma in a low voice trying to cover his sadness over the undeniable fact.

But it wasn't unnoticed by Pi, he turned around, approached Toma and looked at him with an intense gaze. „I'm sorry... I know I should visit you more often. It's not like I don't want to see you or stuff... you know I always want to see you“, he said slowly, still locking his gaze into Toma's.
Toma gulped almost inaudibly.
Why was it that the air seemed to be a lot hotter than a second ago?
But the spell was broken when Pi turned his gaze at Toma's DVD collection again. „Hey, wanna watch a movie?“, he asked in a fake cheerfully tone, Toma could tell.
„Um .. sure, why not? Which movie do you have in mind?“
„This one.“ He held the DVD in front of Toma's face with a devilish smile. „What? You wanna watch ROMEO & JULIET with me? Why's that?“, he asked, laughing nervously at Pi's face.
Pi knew Toma's habit to cry at sad movies very well, so why on earth would he want to watch the saddest movie with him?
„Yep, I haven't seen it in awhile“, was Pi's short reply as he was already fumbling with the DVD player.
Toma watched him in confusion. Wasn't it a bit...weird for two guys, best friends for the matter of fact, to watch one of the most romantic movies together? ALONE?
Pi was totally up to something, Toma thought. Maybe he wanted to spread the story that he cried all over the jimusho? But why would anyone care, cause anyone already knew.
Toma guarded himself for the worst things to happen during these 2 hours and sat down on the couch, next to Yamapi, leaving a space between them. Just for safety measures, of course.
Not that he was afraid or something.
The movie began and everything was calm. Well, as calm as you can be when you watch romantic love scenes with your best friend. Edit: Your best friend , whom you've been in love with for ages and never got the courage to tell him.
Toma looked at Pi through the corner of his eyes. Pi was totally focused on the movie.
Toma sighed quietly and his gaze wandered to the screen again, where Romeo and Juliet were kissing passionately.

It was torture for Toma. No, worse, it brought him into a near-death-state.
He really never intended to watch this movie with anyone. He had bought it just for himself, if he felt bad, he would watch it, to cry his eyes out and feel better after it.

His gaze wandered to Pi again and now he found Pi watching him also. Embarrassed he turned around again, and scolded himself silently for getting caught.

„And how do you like the movie so far?“, asked Pi with an amused voice. Toma sighed once again. „I've seen it a hundred times already. I already know the lines, for gods sake..:“
„So, you do? Tell me, what does Juliet say in the balcony scene?“, countered Pi.

Toma looked at him as if he had gone crazy. Maybe he really had, but still he told him the lines.

„It’s only your name that is my enemy;
You are yourself, not even a Montague.
What's “Montague?” It is not a hand, or a foot,
Or an arm, or a face, or any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
Would smell as sweet if it had any other name.
So Romeo, if he wasn’t called “Romeo,” would
Retain that dear perfection which he has
Without that title. Romeo, throw your name away;
And for that name, which isn’t part of you,
Take all of me.“

Pi smirked as he heard the lines perfectly. „I take you at your word. Only call me “love,” and I'll be baptized with a new name. From now on, I’ll never be “Romeo.” , Pi said and got closer to Toma.
Toma blushed as Yamapi's face was suddenly so close to his. „Wha-?“, he started but Pi silenced him with a sweet kiss.
Toma was a bit taken aback, but then he enjoyed the kiss. He'd been wanting to feel this for so long and it was almost unbelievable that he could feel it right now. He gripped into the smooth fabric of Pi's shirt as they were both falling back on the couch. Pi lying completely on top of him.

Somewhere far away Toma's mind told him that he had to buy more romantic movies from now on.

Pi smiled at Toma as he pulled away a bit. Toma pouted. „You know, there isn't a kissing scene after that line“, said Toma and smiled, his face still flushed. „But there should be“, said Pi and kissed him again.
Toma drew a bit apart again. „Hey, we're missing the whole movie“, he said grinning.
„Didn't you just say you already know it by heart?“, answered Pi and didn't wait for a reply but kissed him again.
Title: All I want for Christmas is You
Pairing: TomaPi
Genre: Romance, Angst,
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: If I'd own them I wouldn't spend christmas alone and would certainly do other stuff than writing about them.
Notes: Merry Christmas Minna! And sorry for the lameness.. And yes I couldn't help but use CB in this xD

It was the 23rd and the first Christmas they spent together as a couple, so the mood was quite romantic as they walked hand in hand through the snowy streets of Tokyo. The streets were decorated beautifully with hundreds of lights and filled with couples at all kind of ages. They sat down in a small restaurant and ordered some hot coffee to warm up. "Ne, Toma", began Yamapi. Toma looked up at his boyfriend questioningly. „What do you want me to get you for Christmas? I hadn't really have time to buy something“, said Pi embarrassed. Toma smiled amusedly. „Everything is fine, I don't really have a wish or so.“, he answered and sipped on his coffee. „Hm~ that's not really useful, you know?“, laughed Pi nervously. Toma just smiled. He didn't really want a present, he already had everything he needed right in front of him.
With that the conversation had ended and they just sat there, drank their coffees and enjoyed each others presence.
Later that day they parted. due to some last work issues before christmas. Toma still had an interview and Yamashita had to attend a meeting for their next single.

When Pi was finished he rushed out to get a present for Toma, even if he didn't want one. Pi still felt like he wanted to give him something.
He walked around in Shibuya but didn't quite find anything which fit his or Toma's taste. It was so difficult to find the right present.
Deep in thoughts he stopped at a traffic light and waited till it turned green, then walked over the street slowly.
But suddenly he heard screams and the noise of breaks which desperately tried to stop the wheels on the icy streets. Pi didn't have time to turn around as the car already hit him and some other people who weren't fast enough to escape.
He felt pain and heard noises, voices which he couldn't understand and suddenly everything turned black...

It was already late in the evening when Toma got out of the JE building, heading towards his home when his phone suddenly buzzed in his pocket.
He got it out with cold hands and picked up. "Moshi moshi?"
"Toma? Come to the hospital in Shibuya, now.", spoke the voice of Ryo hastily and Toma didn't like the tone he spoke with. "What happened?", he asked, already sensing something bad.
“Pi, he got into an incident, just come now!”, then he hung up.
Toma stared at the screen for some seconds and then started to run, as fast as he could. He got into his car and drove so fast that he was probably breaking all traffic rules.
But he didn't really care, his thoughts were all with Pi. He was so dead worried, Ryo had sounded so shocked... it must be something bad...
“Oh god...”, he said as tears started to pour out of his eyes, which were fixed on the street.
He hastily parked at the parking slot of the hospital and ran into the building as fast as he could, still not caring that he bumped into several people on his way.
As he got to the information he already saw Ryo waiting for him. Toma approached him hastily and shook him. “What happened? Please tell me it's not bad....!”, cried Toma.
“Toma... calm down... I... well.. he got into a car accident this afternoon... He is currently in the OP... he has a broken leg and a... head injury... I don't know how bad it is... I'm sorry...”, explained Ryo, avoiding Toma's gaze.
Toma listened carefully, taking in every word he got told. His fist clenched around Ryo's jacket and the tears began to run down again. “No...”, he sobbed and Ryo hugged him, trying to comfort him and maybe himself as well.
They stood like this for a bit and then decided to go to the other NEWS members who were waiting in front of the OP room. As they arrived each of them looked at Toma with sad faces, silently showing support.
They sat down next to them and for a long time said not even a word.
Then finally the door opened and a doctor stepped out looking at them. Everyone jumped up and surrounded the doctor as he spoke up.
“Yamashita-san... has a broken leg and had blood in his skull, we managed to get it out and he is stable now. But he is still not waking up... the next day will be important... we did what we could...”
“Thank you Kuroda-sensei!”, said Ryo and they all bowed deep. Kuroda-sensei nodded. “We will bring him to a room now, you can see him but please not all of you at once.” With that he left.
Toma sighed, a bit relieved, but still it wasn't over. What if Pi wouldn't wake up again?

Later, after the NEWS members left, Toma sat next to Yamashita's bed and held his hand. He couldn't take his eyes away from this scary scene. Yamapi on the bed, connected to several beeping machines and tubes. It reminded him of Code Blue and he found the thought so ironic.
The man who had acted as a doctor was now in the place of act himself, with the slight difference that it was not a drama or a movie anymore.
It was cruel reality.
And Toma blamed himself for letting Pi go alone, for going to work. If he would just have stayed with him, this wouldn't have happened...
Once again the tears ran down his cheek and he held Pi's hand a bit tighter. “Please...”, he sobbed. “If there are really wishes becoming true on Christmas, let him survive... please... I need him ... so much...”, he prayed, crying.
Somewhen, he didn't know when, the nurse came to check up on Yamashita again and suggested Toma to rest a bit. But Toma didn't ever want to hove from Yamapi's side and so he stayed, for hours.
It was early in the morning of the 24th when Toma woke up, he didn't know when he had fallen asleep, but he noticed that he had a blanket around his shoulders and he still held Pi's hand.
As he looked up to his boyfriend he found that nothing has changed and pain struck his body... what if he really wouldn't wake up?
But then suddenly he felt something in his hand. As he looked at their joined hands, he saw how the fingers of Yamashita were moving and circling around his own.
He looked at his face again and saw how his eye lashes twitched and his eyes opened slowly. Toma stood up immediately. “Sensei!!!”, he shouted.
One of the doctors ran by, examined Yamashita for a short time and spoke to him. “Yamashita-san, can you hear me? You are at the hospital.”
Yamashita nodded weakly and looked at Toma again. Toma couldn't help but smile.
“Yamashita-san, do you know who this is?”, asked the doc. Pi nodded and smiled a bit. “Toma”, he answered, his voice hoarse. And Toma couldn't help but cry again as he still clung onto Pi's hand. The doc asked a few more things and then turned to Toma again: “Everything's ok, since he is conscious again. He now has to rest and with luck everything will be fine in a few weeks.”, he smiled and Toma bowed as deep as he could. “Thank you so much, Sensei!” The doc patted Toma's shoulder and left.
The older idol turned to the bed again. “Welcome back”, he said and smiled teary. “I'm back...”, answered Pi with low voice. Toma smiled and cried at the same time, kissing the back of Pi's hand. “So wishes really become true...”, whispered Toma.
“Oh... right, today is Christmas right? I'm sorry...”, Pi said slowly. Toma looked at him in confusion.
“What are you sorry about?”
“That I don't have any presents for you...”, answered Pi.
Toma smiled and hugged him, cautious not to hurt him anywhere. “Baka! I don't need anything... All I want for Christmas is you!”
With that he lifted the air mask and laid his lips lightly onto Pi's.
02 April 2014 @ 06:37 pm
Title: Hangover
Pairing: TomaPi
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Randomness x'D
Rating: PG (?)
Disclaimer: I wish I would own those two georgous men, but unfortunalty I don't. Just the story is mine ;__;
Notes: Written on my 3. day as an poor internet-less fangirl.

Toma was bored. After all the filming for his movies, he finally got some free time to laze at the house and spent time with his family. Which was out of town for exactly one week to visit their grandma in Hokkaido. And they didn't even bother to tell him...So he was there, lying on the couch, staring at his wide screen plasma tv and asking himself what he should do. It was already eleven pm, when he decided to call a few friends to hang out with tonight. So he pulled out his phone and dialed Yamapi's number. It ringed, and ringed and ringed.. but noone picked up.
„Damn you“, he said and stared at the screen of his cell. Why wasn't he answering? It wasn't like he was busy or something, cause he knew Yamashita also had some spare time after his drama. Then he dialed Shun's number.
„This phone is currently not in function“, chirped an over friendly female voice. Toma closed his cell phone almost violently and grumbled. Then he took the last chance, flipped his phone open again and dialed Jun's number. If he also wasn't picking up he would officially declare their friendship as cancelled. Much to the luck of Arashi's diva, Toma heard an grumpy Jun answering after two rings.
„God i almost thought everyone would abandon me tonight, what are you doing?“, Tomas asked.
„I'm out for some drinks with Yamashita and Shun“, he answered quite annoyed.
„What? And why the hell aren't both of them picking up their phones?“
„Well... Shun's battery went low and Yamashita is kinda preoccupied right now?“ „Like in what-?“, Toma frowned.
„Well I think he drank a bit too much, he's currently losing his dinner“, Jun answered disgusted. Toma rolled his eyes and sighed.
„You better come and pick him up while I carry Shun home. He's pretty drunk, too.“ Perfect, Toma thought, he wanted to get himself drunk tonight and now he had to play babysitter for his childhood friend.
„Ok, where exactly are you?“, Toma asked and sighed again. Jun told him the adress of the bar they were drinking at.

Only ten minutes later he was in front of the mentioned bar and wondered why he was doing this job. He sighed once again, stepped into the dimly lighted pub and saw Jun sitting between Shun, whose head was resting on the bar and Yamashita, who was happily talking to Jun. Jun himself looked like he regretted that he chose those two as drinking companions for tonight. But when he saw Toma entering his face brightened.
„Finally~ I already thought I'd have to carry both of them home.“
„Alright Yamashita come with me!“, Toma ordered. When Yamashita recognised Toma, he jumped from his chair and threw his arms around the newcomers neck.
„Wheee Toma came~“, he cried out happily. The older couldn't help but smile. When Yamashita got drunk he acted pretty much like Aiba-chan did when he was dry.
„Well let go now, I'll take you home!“, Toma pinched his cheek and was released by him.
"Roger~“, Yamashita saluted and waved to Jun and Shun.
"Bai bai~ Jun-chan and Shun-chi~ See ya~~~“ Jun rolled his eyes and waved back hestitantly. Toma stepped out of the bar and decided to take a walk with his childhood friend to dry him out.
„Wheee where are we going, Toma-chan~?“, Pi chirped into Toma's ear while clinging on him. Yes, Yamashita was way too clingy when he was drunk. "Nowhere in particular. You'll have to get clear again.“
"Mou~ I wanna go to Toma's home~“,Yamashita pouted, turned on the heel and walked to the opposite direction.
"Alright!“, Toma shouted and ran after him.
"But my home is in that direction." He pointed over his shoulder and began to walk again to the actual direction. After a few steps he noticed that Pi was not following him.
"What the-?“ He turned around once again and saw Yamashita still standing on the spot,his head tilted to the ground.
“Toma-chan is mad at me, right?“, he sobbed. Toma sighed and went back to face him. He lifted his chin and looked into Yamapi's teary eyes.
„No, I'm not, baka“, he answered softly. The opposite's face brighted and got closer to Toma's.
„Hontou ni?“ Toma was taken aback by the sudden closeness, he turned away, red spots forming on his cheeks.
„Yeah, so come on“, he started walking again. Suddenly he felt a hand clutching his own ever so gently. He looked at his friend, who was now next to him, smiling like there would be no tomorrow. He smiled back and felt a warmth which was forming in his hand and growing throughout his whole body. Maybe that evening wasn't so bad after all.
When they arrived at Toma's he was relieved that they managed to get there without any noticable accidents. He dropped Yamashita on the couch and went into the kitchen to get some water. Back in the living room, he placed the water on the table in front of the not-so-drunken-anymore idol. „
Ne Toma?“, Yamashita started, locking his gaze into Toma's.
„Nani?“, Toma asked nervously. There they were, those big, brown eyes, which were so irresistible.
„Thank you ne, for bringing me home“, said Yamashita seriously. „No problem, that's what friends are for, ne“, Toma answered, smiling softly.
„I know you would do the same for me.“ Suddenly he was pulled on the couch and found himself lying under Yamashita and staring into his eyes again, Pi's face just inches away from his own.
Yamashita leaned in a bit and Toma's body tensed. But then Pi's head fell on Toma's shoulder, eyes closed and breathing slowly. Toma sighed and relaxed again. Seems like he had to spent the night on the couch with Yamashita. Well, it wasn't that bad after all.

The next morning Toma woke up due to the moving on top of him. He opened his eyes sleepily and found Yamashita staring at him with a mixture of shock and embarressment. As Yamapi noticed Toma watching him, he jumped up to give Toma some space.
„Why-? What-?“, Yamapi asked turning red.
„You don't remember?“, Toma asked grinning.
„Not one thing...“, admitted Pi.
„Now I'm a bit angry. How could you forget this?“, Toma asked, trying not to laugh.
„Forget what?“, asked Yamapi staring at Toma in shock..
„What happened last night?“
„Well, it was a magical night, i didn't think it would happen like this... but well, we just couldn't surpress it.“ Toma chuckled and still tried to resist the urge to laugh and roll on the floor as Yamapi started running around in the room nervously, looking terribly confused and red.
„It can't be...“, he murmured to himself. „How did it happen? And I can't even remember...“, Yamapi talked more to himself than to Toma. Now the older couldn't help but to laugh out aloud, clapping on the table, tears in his eyes.
„You're seriously to much, Yamashita! Hahaha“,he stated between two laughs.
„What do you mean?“, Yamashita stared at him, eyes big as golfballs.
„It was just a joke, yo! You just fell asleep on me“, Toma said, now looking a bit embarrased himself.
„So nothing happened?“, asked Yamashita, sighing in relief. „Oi, why are you so relieved now?“, asked Toma playing hurt.
„No, I mean, I didn't want to do anything to you. I know how I get clingy when I'm drunk and I didn't want to harass you or something“, he explained.
„...not that I would mind too much“, murmured Toma, not noticing that he actually really said it out aloud. Now Yamashita grinned at him.
„So?“, he asked, aproaching Toma.
„You wouldn't mind?“, asked the younger with an hopeful face.
Toma stepped backwards and felt the wall behind his back. He noticed that he was now trapped between the wall and Yamashita. They stared at each other and once again Toma felt like loosing himself in Yamashita's deep eyes. The younger idol rose his hand to brush a strand of Tomas hair out of his face. As Pi's finger crossed Tomas skin,Toma felt the same warmth as the night before,when they had held hands. He didn't know when the feeling turned from friendship to love, but he felt that it didn't matter now. So Toma leaned in and closed the space between them, his heart pounding fast against his chest. Yamashita smiled as he kissed back.
Suddenly he did not regret that he didn't remember the last night. 'Cause this was much better and the big headache was totally worth it.